OFFSET and UV-curing printing applications produce a very thin printing layer on the coated substrates requiring colorants with high color strength. OFFSET printing resins offer an optimal medium for very fine milled pigments. Thus, finely dispersed, high viscosity and highly filled emulsions with the required color strength can be achieved.

ARAPRINT-10 is the result of our cooperation with ground breaking research projects at university level in the fields of emulsion polymerization and printing technology. It is unique in its multivalent application and offers an ideal base for the development of OFFSET inks as well as of UV Curing inks.

ARAPRINT-10 pigments do not contain mineral oils and are VOC-free.

Due to the corpuscular nature of the ARAPRINT-10 emulsions, it is recommended to mix colors only with neighboring shades in order to obtain clean intermediate shades.

ARAPRINT-109 UV BLUE can be mixed with all other products of this series in order to obtain more brilliant colors under UV-light or in order to reduce color strength without loss of brilliance.